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Plan & Schedule Tweets

Plan & Schedule Tweets

Stay ahead of the game by planning and scheduling your tweets via Twilay. Twilay supports text, images and videos.



There's no faster way to grow your twitter account than following relevant accounts and unfollowing those with less value.

Direct Messages

Direct Messages

Automatically send welcome messages or offers to your followers and followings on Twitter for a wider reach.

Like & Retweet

Like & Retweet

You can set up targeted auto-like options and also set to retweet from targeted accounts or hashtags on Twitter.

Target Competitors

Target Competitors

This is the most interesting part where you can directly target your competitors or the followers of your competitors.

Search Trending Tweets

Search Trending Tweets

Are you lacking tweet ideas? Our Twitter search tool can be used to bring up hundreds of tweets in a certain niche.

Twilay Auto Follows
Your Set Targets

Twilay provides the best and safest Twitter auto follow tool. Our tool doesn't follow blindly, instead it lets you set your targets according to your needs by selecting either hashtags or to follow the followers of your competitors. It's that simple!

  • Target by #hashtags or @usernames
  • Target Your Competitors' Followers
  • Flexible Speed Settings
  • Auto Pause at Off-peak
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Auto Unfollow Accounts That Do Not Add Value

You can unfollow thousands of accounts that do not add value to your growth or those that simply do not follow you back. Our Twitter unfollow tool is safe, and free for the first 7 days.

  • Option to Protect Your Followers
  • Flexible Speed Option
  • Auto Pause Available
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Introduce Yourself
With Auto Direct Messages

Capture the attention of your followers or followings with an introductory message with our Twitter Auto DM Tool. There's no better to way to gain a quick attention on Twitter.

  • Auto DM Your Followers
  • Auto DM Those You Follow
  • Personalized Variables Supported
  • Unlimited Preset Messages
  • Live Agent Support
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Auto Like Targeted Content

Twilay's auto like function lets you run auto likes on Twitter using your set targets. This is a great way to target your potential customers. Liking their tweets would make then want to check your page out.

  • Target Hashtags or Users
  • Target Your Competitors' Followers
  • Flexible Speed Settings
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Auto Retweet From Popular Accounts or Hashtags

Our Twitter auto retweet tool is the best you can get. It is safe and efficient.

  • Target Users or Hashtags
  • Flexible Speed Settings
  • Auto Pause Option
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What our clients say about us

twilay review

Kaitlyn Kristy


Twilay has been immensely helpful in building my Twitter base with auto-follow and likes features. The best Twitter automation tool out there.

73×73 (1)

Joe Boucher

CEO, Pixelly

I must say, Twilay is the best automation tool for twitter. We no longer have to spend hours online managing our account. Thank you!

twilay reviewer

Mia Taylor


Top-notch Twitter services at affordable rates! Twilay is the only solution for all my social media needs. 5 stars!

73×73 (3)

Steven Graham

UI/UX Designer

Top-notch automation service for growing your Twitter accounts. Provides real engagements in real time. I'll recommend anytime.